What happened here?!

webzineSo this site doesn’t look like it used to. What happened?

Well, in short: in late 2013, co-founder Daniel Löfquist and me decided to put an end to the web magazine we had been running since 2006. Our staff had, at that point, lost some of its most driving writers, resulting in a site that didn’t get updates nearly as often as we aspired to. As the sites “Editor in Chief”, it was up to me to either gather new talents or take the difficult decision to “pull the plug”. I gave it a long and thorough thought and came to the conclusion that I wanted to do something completely different, but still be active in the underground scene that I love. So, I joined the “dark forces” and started my own record label, keeping the “Critical Mass” name. The result is the page you are staring at right now.

Me and Daniel talked about what to do with all the content that the web zine had created during its eight years in existence. There was simply too much good stuff to just erase, and there is certainly a lot of nostalgic value in the hundreds and hundreds of reviews, interviews, photos and more. We decided to move the web zine to the background, so to speak. You can read all of it if you click on the “Magazine” button in the menu above.

I wish to thank all of the (ex) magazine staff, our readers and all other involved, from musicians, record labels, managers and promoters. Thanks a lot guys, it was a great ride!!

I hope that you will enjoy the stuff that the new record label CRITICAL MASS RECORDINGS will put out. The first release is an awesome vinyl compilation with twelve of Sweden’s rawest and best metal acts of today. Read more about it here. The second release is already planned, but still not made public. Just let me say this: it will be a killer 7-inch, that all fans of real old school black metal will dig.

Stay tuned!
/Dennis Jernberg

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