THE PETE FLESH DEATHTRIP “Mortui Vivos Docent” LP out now!

TPFDT "Mortui Vivos Docent" LP
TPFDT "Mortui Vivos Docent" LP
“Mortui Vivos Docent” LP

Finally on vinyl! THE PETE FLESH DEATHTRIP debut is one hell of an album. TPFDT bolts out crushing classic Swedish Death Metal, and add sinister blackened overtones that really make the band stand out. Just check out the video clip below!

  • For the first time on vinyl, the 2015 re-issue with completely new artwork. (Originally released on another label on CD back in 2013)
  • Specially mastered for vinyl.
  • The LP comes in three variations; standard black vinyl or limited edition clear vinyl with either black (80 copies) or red haze (20 copies. SOLD OUT.). See Product Gallery for photos.
  • All editions comes with double sided insert with lyrics and photo.
  • Features guest vocals by Micke Broberg (UNANIMATED, BORN FOR BURNING). Session guest drums by Andreas Jonsson (THE BLACK, TYRANT).

Track listing:
Fallen Bliss
The Eternal Dawn
Crave The Fire
The Suicide End
Burning Darkness
Ravens Reborn
God of The Crawling Whore
Recycle My Death

Release date: October 6:th 2015.
Catalogue number: CMASS005LP

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Some reviews from the press:

CLOSE-UP MAGAZINE (Rating: 7/10)
Musically, THE PETE FLESH DEATHTRIP is mean, old school Death Metal. ”Mortui Vivos Docent” is also seasoned with thrashy Black Metal you will also find some raw Doom Metal spice, for example in the track “Bleed”. Mr Flesh’s voice is grim and suits the music perfectly, but it’s the guitar work that sells that sells this to me. The riffs, melodies and harmonies are really excellent, and balances magically between the grotesque and the beautiful, from the beginning to finish.

Pete Flesh continues to keep his often manically orthodox and dirty Death Metal fresh by using uncanny melodies and mood setting tempo changes. Several songs are has a musical story telling in the vein of BATHORY, for example “Burning Darkness” with it’s epic vibe.

BRUTALISM.COM (Rating: 4/5)
….What is truly amazing with this album is the fact that despite its undisputed aggressiveness, it kind of brings forth many emotions to the one that listens! Negative emotions for sure, and a great amount of coldness! Actually this is the first thing that strikes you once you get familiar with the sound. The great cold that this album reeks! And of course this is the black metal element! But in this album, I think the expression, music that thinks for itself, finds fertile ground to breed!….

Previously known as Flesh, THE PETE FLESH DEATHTRIP is now the brainchild of Pete Flesh, who has also been known for his work with other notable Swedish death metal bands like DECEIVER and MAZE OF TORMENT. With renewed anger and fury, the band this year releases their brand new effort, “Mortui Vivos Docent”.
Unsurprisingly then, “Mortui Vivos Docent” has a rather heavy old school Swedish death metal sound, and right from the opening riffs of Fallen Bliss one is quickly reminded of the stylistics of bands such as ENTOMBED and DISMEMBER, though quickly enough one would realise that THE PETE FLESH DEATHTRIP has more than meets the eye over here. Apart from the usual old school classics, there are also moments on the album where one is reminded of the style of bands such as AMON AMARTH and EVOCATION. Furthermore, there is also quite a heavy black metal touch on “Mortui Vivos Docent”, and throughout the album, the trem-picked segments easily remind one of bands such as DARK FUNERAL and the more aggressive moments are reminiscent of Panzer Division-era MARDUK.

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