INSANE “Wait And Pray” LP out now

INSANE "Wait and Pray" 10 Year Anniversary Expanded Vinyl Edition
INSANE “Wait and Pray” 10 Year Anniversary Expanded Vinyl Edition

INSANE from Italy released their only LP back in 2005, and this is the official “10 Year Anniversary Expanded Vinyl Edition”. For all fans of old school thrash, and SLAYER‘s “Show No Mercy” in particular.

This edition has:
• 3 bonus tracks (the 2003 “Fuckin’ Demo”)
• Loads of unseen photos
• Newly written liner notes from the band
• Free MP3 download card

NOTE: The red vinyl is a web shop exclusive, limited edition of 100 hand numbered copies. Act fast!

Track listing:
1. Total Alarm
2. Sacrificer
3. Four Magicians
4. Die In Hell/Metal Torment
5. Evil Is At Hand
6. Death By Command
7. The Exorcist
8. Wait And Pray
9. Four Magicians (Demo 2003)
10. Sacrificer (Demo 2003)
11. Death by Command (Demo 2003)

Release date: May 20:th 2015.
Catalogue number: CMASS004LP

Order the album HERE.

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