GEHENNAH “Hardrocker” Reissued on LP/CD

Swedish metal legends GEHENNAH’s debut album “Hardrocker” finally sees a proper re-issue for the first time in over 20 years! Tremendous effort has been put into this project, from digging up the original artwork and loads of old band photos to excavating the master tapes. The Swedish underground label Critical Mass Recordings has worked closely with the band and Primitive Art Records, who released the album first back in 1995, to ensure that this is the best possible re-issue of this classic album. RELEASE DATE: 9 March 2018. Vinyl details:
  • Vinyl LP in 140 grams in several colours: black (unlimited), beer, blood red and frosted clear (100 x respectively).
  • Extra thick 425 grams jacket.
  • Original master tape was used. No re-mix, no re-master.
  • Four page full sized colour insert with all lyrics and loads of photos.
  • Black poly-lined inner sleeve. > ORDER HERE <
CD details:
  • Four-panel Digipak.
  • 12-page booklet with all lyrics and loads of photos.
  • Original master tape was used. No re-mix, no re-master.
  • Two CD exclusive bonus tracks (The “No Fucking Christmas!” E.P. from 1995) > ORDER HERE <
T-shirt details:
  • Album artwork on the front in full colour. Back print has the famous quote “Shortcut hair in sight, no words are needed to start the fight. All disco dance must end in broken bones…”
  • Printed on Gildan Heavy Cotton shirts in sizes S to XXL.
  • Exclusively available from the Critical Mass web store only! > ORDER HERE <

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